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Expansion To Consultancy


Jason and Mike met at a convention in FL and became very close friends, from there they decided to work together and push each other to the next level. Initially, they had the idea they would just be able to help each other handle their business goals, and one day they did, so what was next?

Together they decided to help other shops and owners achieve what they had!

This was the birth of Next Level Shop Owner. They had the secret sauce now they needed to develop it into training and materials that other shop owners could use to attain the same level of success.



Jason says, “Everything I’ve learned now contributes to helping others achieve success. I’ve been through what they’ve been through, from sleeping on a cot on the floor of my first shop while I got it up and running, to draping myself with a wet towel to keep cool enough to sleep in the summer. But I was living my dream, so I know what that feels like.”

There is no issue that Jason hasn’t dealt with that he hasn’t been able to overcome, either in his own shop or in those he was consulting. Having taken the responsibility he has throughout his life, including the demand he’s placed upon himself for doing things the right way, he’s now willing to take responsibility for his clients, caring enough about them to help them reach their goals.

Not “One Size Fits All”

Jason’s consultancy is not the type of “one-size-fits-all” set of solutions seen throughout the auto repair industry. All shops—just like all people—are different, with diverse challenges. This recognition is the uniqueness that Jason brings to the table.

Making You Capable

Any consulting company that tries to lock you in, where you feel like you cannot ultimately do it yourself, should be a danger sign. Unfortunately, that is the case with 99 percent of consulting companies.

Prior to his own training, Jason spent tens of thousands of dollars on a consultant, all the while continuing to feel he had to ask someone else for solutions to problems. He finally began to wonder: shouldn’t it be possible for the shop owner to answer their own questions, and have the certainty of knowing what to do and when to do it?

Jason’s goal is to get you where you can take the reins so you’re not forever tied to a consulting company. You’re making the money, you’ve got the time, and you understand it’s all about having the knowledge yourself so that you can be the consultant instead of needing one for your business.
What Others are Saying
Just as in your auto shop, referrals are everything. In consulting, Jason seeks to obtain the results they’re looking for so they’ll tell others. You can read many of their testimonials on this web site.

Reach out today to learn how Jason can help you boom your auto shop.



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